Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello, my Name is Kimberly and I am addicted to reading blogs

Recently I have discovered a couple of blogs that I am completely in LOVE with, some might say addicted to. I am pretty much so addicted that I just sit and read instead of actually practicing what I've learned. The great thing about these two amazing women is that they're completely different blogs, one is cookies and the other is cake pops. So who are my newest obsessions:

LilaLoa (not only do I think that she is FABULOUSLY talented, but she is EXTREMELY funny and wonderful about connecting with her fans). I woke up this morning to find that I had won a contest that I entered this last week, which means that now I will HAVE to make some cookies!

Pop.O.Licious (she also writes, I usually stalk 365 cake pops, she is also FABULOUSLY talented, and EXTREMELY funny and wonderful about connecting with her fans too.Recently I won a Where's Waldo blog contest that she hosted and I have to say I wasn't sure I'd find Waldo first, because I had to keep telling my self stop reading the blog FIND Waldo!! lol, so I found him and received my prize in the mail yesterday...Look at how cute she wrapped the box:

So when people tell you that you spend to much time reading blogs and connecting with your blogger, just tell them that you never know you could win fabulous prizes for being a loyal follower!!! Stay tuned to see what goodies I come up with using my prizes :)

Happy Blog Stalking!

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