Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chocolate Pumpkins cakes, Dead Hand Mixer and Burnt Dinner

So this week has seen some yummies, mummies and oopsy-daisies...ok, maybe not really mummies, but the hand mixer did die and it was tragic and sad, well maybe not all that tragic, but a little sad...I do after all have my amazing stand mixer.

I know, you really want to get to the chocolate pumpkins cakes, but first let me just state that sometimes just because you can bake doesn't mean the cooking part comes as naturally, or that you can't have an off day at the oven...yeah that's what happened Monday when I burned dinner. Do not fret Subway saved us from starving :)

and now....drum roll....Chocolate pumpkin cakes

Stay tuned to see what happens when these delicious little cakes get decorated.

There will also be a give away soon for those people who are fans on the Facebook page once we reach 100 fans, so spread the word!

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